Thursday, June 4, 2009

birds are singing and i have too many jobs

howdy kids. today work was cancelled because my partner in crime has a headache which means i have none of my gardening tools or a ride to work. but no worries because i have three jobs this summer and work 7 days a week so the day off is welcome!

my first job i've had for 3 summers. i work at a private estate in williamstown ma fixing up this families 52 gardens! because they are never around ashlei and i often forget that the garen doesn't actually belong to us haha. but the entire estate is like a pardise (now including a brand spanking new waterfall!!!) i absolutley love working at the garden because it's outside and just
beautiful! i work there 5 days a week which is one of the reasons it feels so much like my own.

i took this picture at the garden last year. a lot of people enjoy this picture and i have even recieved an original painting from an artist friend in exchange for a copy of this picture which was the coolest experince!!! silly enough this picture was not actually taken in any of the 52
gardens we work on but in the valley of flowers in the woods where we dump our cart of dead flowers and weeds.

my second job is at a local townies bar called the pitchers mound. it's a very silly job because no one including myself would have ever guessed i would end up working in a bar as a bartender. i actually enjoy the job because it has made me a little more confident because there is a job where people give you a lot of grief sometimes. the bar is kind of a dive but people who come in are usually very nice and we have some great early evening dance parties!

this is a picture of some of my friends and myself at the mound (i was working). from the left it's trevor, ashlei (i work with her at the garden), myself and hannah (she is another bartender at the mound).

and lastly there is my job at green river farms in williamstown. it's new job and i'm really enjoying myself. the women who i work with and who is training me is the sweetest woman. i really enjoy the work i do there and the green house is absolutly incediable!!
i took this picture at green rive farms the other day while on break. anywho i am off to read my book on the beautiful day off!! took look at more summer photos feel free to check out my flickr! i actually have some pretty neat flower picture up!! peace love and hula hoops!!