Tuesday, April 28, 2009

hot dang!

Haven't the past few days been just marvelous! I am so happy warm weather is here, even despite the fact that warm weather makes my hair frizz to an unreasonable size! (maybe I'll take a picture one day because it's actually really funny!) Well back to the reason for this post!

I got some delightful strawberries to celebrate the warm weather but I got too may so I accidentally preserved some! I cute them up put them in sugar and forgot them in the fridge....preserved hahaha! So I went to eat some yesterday and they looked just pretty i had to take some photos...
Don't you just want to eat them up! These pictures make me happy that I still have some left!! These were my two of my mom's and zipper's favorite soo I feel as they deserved to be posted twice. Which means there are way more! hahaha Feel free to check out some of my other strawberry pictures on Flickr. Also feel free to let me know which one(s) you like! They are numbered so just post a number(s)!!!

Have a super amazing lovely day! Enjoy the weather and sunshine!! Peace. Love. Hoolahoops & Sunshine! <3

Sunday, April 26, 2009

secret fans

All my friends know where I go my camera goes. But only a hand full realize that I actually enjoy taking pictures. Yes, they know I enjoy taking pictures they can tell by facebook (lame, I have 160 albums!!!) what I mean to say is a lot of them don't realize I have a passion for actual photography and not just "oh hey all my friends are at a party, let me take horrible drunk picture of my friends" photos.

But, yesterday one of my friends made a side comment about really enjoying my flickr. I would have never expected him even check it out or enjoy it or even talk to me about my photos. Anyway I was super pumped and it absolutely made my weekend... which sounds lame but I can admit it on here because he doesn't know I have a blog hahaha I feel so third grade! I only wish more people left comments when they liked my pictures then I would know which ones are fabulous! Maybe this one isn't super fab but at least I now know I'm not the only one who like's it hahahaha.

This was his favorite picture. This picture was taken in February and it's of my own eye. I know lame-sauce (thanks's micki for the fun word!!!) Anywho one of the reasons we both like this picture is because of the shadows. I also really enjoy it because my eye looks very green which usually my eyes look brown. Well that is about all I have for now...

I think everyone should go out and take picture all the time not matter if they are silly friend pics or artsie pics or whatever! love. peace. and hoolahoops!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

dragon women assemble!

hahaha best name for a post ever! thank you drunken friends for being hilarious!! This weekend has been amazingly fun! Thursday I slept over Micki's house and we watched 90s movies. Friday we were off on our Boston/Flight of the Conchords adventure at 11am.
We walked around China Town, visted her cousin at Emerson and walked around in the wonderful sunshine! The concert was at BU so we had to take the green line but there was Red Sox game so the T was ridiculous!! lol. Well we finially got to BU met up with her brother then were off to the show!!!
The show was flipping amazing!!! Eugene Mirman was one of the opening acts and he was fricken hillarious! Eugene plays the landlord in the show. Kristen Schaal was the other opening act she was not nearly as funny. Her best joke was about her ridiculous sparkily pants lol oh and she plays Mel the crazed fan on the show.
Jemaine and Bret were absolutly fabulous but sadly I was too far away to get a good picture but didn't matter because the show was sooo wonderful! They were soo funny and adorable.

Obviously it being a show it's hard to express how amazing it was but believe me it was life changingly good!!!hahaha anyway the weekend was amazing and involved hanging out with Micki everyday, lots of people, very late nights/very early mornings and oodles of fun!

Well I'm off to do homework and things but first I just want to share this picture I took while in Boston. I think it is my second favorite picture I have taken in 2009!
I took this picture when we got off at BU. I don't mean to brag but I think I captured the moment haha. Hope you all enjoy my pictures and I recomend you look up some FOTC clips on Youtube and check out my recently updated pictures on flickr!!!

Peace Love & Hoolahoops!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I could be studying for exams right now...lol

Howdy folks! Today was super amazing beautiful! Oh sunny shine how I love you so. It is defiantly that time of year where the sun likes to be out more often and I can not complain because I love me some rays!

Although these flowers are dried they remind me of spring! This little display can be found at my own in North Adams. Even though it's just of flowers in a plate-bowlish type thing I still give all the credit of it looking so good to my super amazing mother Bee May (No her name is not actually "Bee" but it happens)
Here is a picture of some flowers that I saw on my way home from downtown today. Spring makes me excited about summer and all the adventures I need to plan and eventually go on!!!

Speaking of adventures this Friday I will be seeing Flight of the Conchords! AHHH I'm so fricken pumped, it's defiantly going to be EPIC! Also semi exciting news I updated my Flickr and what else what else...I guess that's it, sadly this mean I have to study. But I hope everyone goes outside and enjoys this wonderful weather we should be having the next couple of days!!!

p.s. This is WICKED STELLAR!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Life is an Adventure, Let Me Tell You

These past couple of days have been flying by!! Seems like just last Monday I was scheming my latest adventures!! So let me tell you about my weekend adventures!

Thursday: I woke up to a warm day (yay!) and by 11am I was off on my Boston/Salem adventure. Took the bus from Amherst to Boston South Station. The T from S.Station to North Station and then the Commuter Rail from N.Station to Salem. The entire trip took 4 hours! But it was soo worth it!!!

I went to Salem for my friend Ashley's very first Drag Show!!! Ashley is a drag King named Jude. Jude was amazing I was like a proud mother!! In high school he was never like this, he would've paid people to leave him alone and now only a couple years later he was in his very first Drag Show!!! YAY JUDE!!

This is a picture of Jude and a friend getting ready for the show. I obviously didn't take many picture of people getting ready because for many of these kids they aren't dressed until they are in full drag. I felt for privileged to be able to be there while many of them got ready and damn those guys know how to dress to impress!! Over all the experience was amazing and I am so glad I went!. Jude's act was totally awesome, he and his two friends were totally stellar! And over all feel completely honored that Jude invited me (I was like the only person he invited to see him in his first ever show!) After the show I met Jude's new girlfriend, who was also in the show, went out to eat with them and some friends and most importantly I saw the house used in HOCUS POCUS!!!!! Sadly I have not photgraphic evidence but I saw it and it was EPIC!!! [bed time 3am]

Friday: up early because Jude had class. Met up with my ex-freshman-roommate JESSIE HOMAN!!! For thse of you who don't know Jessie Homan is the cat's pajamas! She is defiantly one of my favorite people in the whole world who I don't see nearly enough!! I got to see her and Sam who is one of her friends who became my friend...I love friends! We went to Bagel World (oh heaven!!!) then Sam was nice enough to give me a ride to Boston. Then I was on my 4hr adventure back home where I went to work then had a Passover dinner with the roommates!! I hope my grandma is super proud of that fact! [bedtime about 12]

This is me being a smart ass and wishing my family a happy passover while they were all in New Jersey while I was home in NA.

Saturday: Up early and breakfast with the amazing and beautiful Steph Bose!! She's been in DC rockin it's socks off with her awesomeness!! We went to the Lone Wolf for breakfast with our friends molly and then Miss Bose was nice enough to give me a ride home! We chatted and had a fab time then I met up with Hannah and as usual we went everywhere saw everyone and had a blast doing so!! [bedtime 4ish]

Sunday: started out like any lazy sunday aka made myself a HUGE breakfast!!! I took a nap and delightfully woke up to my FAMILY!! it was nice getting to see them even if April was sadly missing and it was only for an hour. But I defiantly needed some amazing may time because I've missed them OODDLES!!!!!!! Then back to Amhert with me.

I promise to put more pictures up from the drag show and the weekend up on Flickr but right now my brain is melting and I need some sleep! Night everyone!!! peace love and hoolahoops!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Oh Jeez

So today I made some tough decisions about my life. It is no secret that I have never been a huge fan of school, this has been going on since elementary school! As a freshman I messed up and failed a class and then again as a freshman I made the quick decision to switch schools this now leaves me 9 credits shy of being on track.

I was going to try and force myself through this next year by taking a million classes and taking class through my summer and winter breaks but today I decided EFF THAT! And with my recent flare up with my dyslexia I realized I just won't be able to. I am going to get over my ego and just do the extra semester it will take for me to graduate without wanting to die.

By taking an extra semester I will be able to enjoy my time here at UMass because despite the fact that school just murders my soul sometimes I do love learning and have met so many great people here. I also thought that with all my friends graduating after the next spring semester I should try and go abroad to finish my college career.

So what are everyone's thoughts and feelings?

As of right now I'm feeling good about my decision, I mean I'll admit my ego is a little bruised about not being able to graduate on time with my friends but life happens. Well it is time for bed. Hopefully this post hasn't been too emo-tastic.

Peace Love and Hoolahoops!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cookies soothe the soul

This weekend has had its ups and downs but it has defiantly ended on a good note! Are you wondering why? Is the anticipation eating you up inside? Can you not stand not knowing why my weekend ended great?....

Yeah thought not hahahaha. BUT I am going to tell you all anyway because I like to pretend that you guys really care about all the boring stuff that fills my time when I'm not doing all my super cool things.

So this morning was super lame (i will spare you all). Dance was amazing! We went over all three dances and everything is really starting to come together! I am soo excited for our performances!!! which reminds me DATES!!
April 24 - dance performance at the relay for life. Not the kind that family will want to come to because it will be kind of late.

May 9 - dance performance at the mullin center. This is the one I hope to see you all at!!!! We're doing two dances.

May 10 - dance performance TBA where. I don't know if this is an open performance because it's for some girls thesis but if it is I would love to see everyone here because we're doing a different dance than from the day before.

Ok, back to what made today end with a bang! So my roommate Carrie and I both had a bit of a roller coster weekend and had a need for something a little sweet. We have no sweets and neither of us were in the mood to leave the comforts of our home sooo we decieded to order in cookies!!! YAY Amherst!!! We ordered cookies from Sugar Jones and dang they were good!!!

YAY COOKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well homework time. Peace Love and Hoolahoops!

Friday, April 3, 2009

spring is in the air

Spring was in the air but today it seems lost. It's gray and rainy...lame! I guess on the plus side it is still going to be 55 degrees so all is well. Anyway this post is about spring and the exciting things involved with spring!!

April 9th - I'm going to Salem MA to see my friend Ashley's first drag show! YAY ASHLEY! I'm so excited to see her perform, i have no doubt she will be absolutely amazing!

April 17 - FOTC concert in Boston!!!! I love love LOVE Flight of the Conchords plus I'm going with the wonderful Micki!!!! It's going to be a grand adventure!!

April 18 - Hawaiian themed birthday party for an old friend

Later in April I have a dance performance and 2 or 3 in May. DON"T worry I will for sure post the dates when I know them!!!!

I love UMass in the spring/summer (well not the school part) everyone is so fun! All the really creative people seem to emerge from the melted snow and ice!!!
Here are some kids sitting on the roof of their house. They were singing tunes to the passing cars and pedestrians! I manage to get a picture while driving by.

I took this picture yesterday in the garden outside my home. I actually ended up gardening today!! It felt awesome to play in the dirt and make the garden look decent and worth looking at! Gardening also makes you feel better. Today was kind of rough and after getting my hands (and my entire body) dirty I felt so much better. More importantly it felt good to accomplish something didn;t involve a grade or any other school realated bullshit.

The two pictures above of flowers that a wet I took today in the garden. They aren't the best but they make me smile. I'm just soo excited spring is finally here and I can not wait for my summer adventures, which I hope there are many!!!!

Other good news I officially have a babysitting job and today was my frist paid night! I love the family and I am so happy I get a chance to work for them again!!!

Alrighty I am off to do a little adventuring tonight! BEACH PARTY HERE I COME!!!! Have a nice night folks! have fun, party hard and play safe!!