Sunday, May 31, 2009

wow i stink at blogging!

i kid! i'm not bad at blogging i'm just bad at time management haha. so lots of new news to share with you few who stumble upon my humble blogaruny.

today is young max mays birthday!!! he's now 15 years of age. sadly i missed most of his special day working but he seemed in good spirits when i got home soo the birthday day was over all succesful!
this is a picture of max when he was only a wee 14 year old but it is recent and more importantly it is a perfect example of how awesome max is! happy birthday max man!

in other news: i'm home from school. got very good grades in all my classes (proud?). work three jobs and taking oodles of home photos!

other than that my friends and i have been getting together and having supreme kickballs games (sadly no photos). kickball has further proven my lack of athletic ability but i don't care because i have such a good time running around and falling over with my friends. well i should be off because as usual i am pressed from time!!

peace love and hula hoops!

one last photo!! i took this one outside my door at home in na. i just can't get over these adorbale flowers (any flowers in fact!) anywho enjoy and check out my flickr there are pleanty of new photos and more to come!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mamma May!

So in complete Gonzo fashion I am 11min late from actually wishing my mother happy mothers day on the actual day haha. I guess this just proves we are related.

So I saw my gorgeous mother yesterday (and my entire adorable family!!!!!!!!!! ) when I took this picture. As usually my mother and family came to umass to support me and my dance team! I will talk more about that another day but now more about momma may!
First off isn't she the cutest!!! Look at her! I am so lucky that I have her as my mothere because she is for sure the absolute BEES KNEES!!!! My mother is also one of the most talented people I know. She has an amazingly creative and unique soul. She is an incredable painter and hiku writer, two talents I wish I had abtained. Although I am no painter or hiku writter I did get plenty of my mothers genes. Like her I am totally exentric (the good kind!), I see everything as a possible art project, my hair has a life its own and soooo much more.
My mother has taught me so many wonderful things and I hope that I am half the woman she is when I have to become a real memeber of society (ahh only a year and a semester away!) Seriously I could write for days about how amazing my mom is, she truely is the most beautiful and wonderful person I know!! So to end this post I have made a short list of things I love about my mom...

I love that...
youu give the best hugs, you still enjoy clouds!, that you still enjoy using your imagination, your cooking, your toys and gadgets, your paintings, your hikus, your laugh, you smile, your blue eyes, you sense of humor, the fact you let me swear like a trucker, your dance moves, your love of the home you have created for me april and max, you always know the answers, you can alwasy make me feel better when the whole world doesn;t make sense, that you make time for my phone calls, you send my silly little gifts and pretty much everything about you!

i love you mom!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandma! <3

Today is my lovely Grandma Horty's 87 birthday! We should hope by the time we are her age that were as sassy and classy as she is! For those of you who are not fortunate enough to know my fabulous grandmother, let me tell you she is the energizer bunny. Also my grandma remembers everything, and she tells the best stories.

Speaking of stories my very talented and beautiful sister made an amazing gift for my grandmother which has to do with all my grandma's stories.

This is one of my favorite pictures of my grandma! I took this two thanksgivings ago. Isn't she the cutest woman!!! Also let me tell you whatever she is cooking in this picture was delicious because she is an amazing cook! But again,

Monday, May 4, 2009

i <3 crowd surfing

Concerts and more concerts! Wednesday I went to Northernlights in Cliften Park New York to See 3oh!3!!! It was a super awesome time (I crowd surfed!!!<3) but sadly I took zero photos!

But don't worry because I took pleanty last night when I went to UMass's free Spring Conert. Hannah Banana was suposed to come with me but sadly got stuck in Virginia so Micki came with me!! The concert started with some band that won battle of the bands at our school. I have to admit they weren't half bad! Then we saw All Time Low, Girl Talk and LUPE FIASCO!!!!! AHHH it was AMAZING!!!!! Even though I was super tired because Micki and I left from dance straight to the show!
This picture is from when Girl Talk was playing or Dj-ing or whatever. Anywho he threw out giant balloon balls filled with confetti, it was super fun!!!

This is a picture of the lights from Girl Talk. Oh concerts are soo fun and colorful!

This picture is from when Lupe came out on stage. Oh my goodness what a good experience! He was super amazing live I had such a blast! I didn't really get to see him because I'm short but didn't even matter because the music was great!
This picture is from the very end of the conert. Micki and I ducked out early from the floor so we could hit up the water fountain. We came back out in the areana which is when I took this picture.

Overall the conerts were both super amazing and I'm so glad I went to both even though I'm super tired now hahaha. So I'm off but here are some videos I think you should check out!!

Lady Ga Ga can actually sing!?!?!?!?!! And my friends trevor makes a hillarious video about being a super hero.

NIGHT GUYS!! Peace Love and Hula-Hoops

Friday, May 1, 2009

city flowers

Every once in a while I go through my old photos and delete the ones that are just plain horrible! While going though I found this one I took in Boston in 2007

I took this picture while visiting April. I thought it was appropriate since there are at least flowers in the pictures! I have to admit I love love LOVE graffiti! I feel it is one of the most pure and expressive art forms. I really enjoy walking around and being able to see free art!!! Any way I'm actually super tired but I just wanted to share this photo!

Peace. Love & Hula Hoops!