Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pictures of Art

So the other day I took some time out of my busy busy busy schedual to see some art at two of the local museums. Mass MoCA and The Clark Art. Both museums old amazing pieces but hold very different collections of art. The Clark holds "classic" art while MoCa is a modern art museums.

Anywho I took some pictures of the art work at MoCA...

The first painting is named "Apathy" and was painted by Sean Landers. I really enjoyed his work! The second one is a a video but I sadly cannot recall the name or who it was by BUT I do remember that it had amazing sountrack....cello pieces composed by Bach! In the video the guy is playing an imaginary cello. The last photo is just a hallway blue from an excibit. I took a bunch more photos but these three were some of my favorites!!!

Well I absolutly love going to the museums and recomend everyone make some time to go and see something at their local museums or even local shows at coffee shops and such. Well stay classy folks.

Peace Love and Hula Hoops!

Oh yes, ALASKA!! Well here is the scoop kids! I'm off to Alaska August 22 and I'm there till the 29. I'm going with my best friend Hannah (we went to Vegas together too!) and we're staying in Anchorage Alaska with her uncle and his family. I'm so very excited to go and it should be such a grand adventure!!! I plan to take OODLES of photos. Promise! ok for realz I'm off!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

I'm Published!!!

So as promised I am here to tell y'all about how I got my photo PUBLISHED! My picture was published in the book below (Best of College Photography 2009)!! This is so flippin' exciting!

Ok, so to start at the beginning and end at the end. For those of you who don't remember or for those who've never read this blog before I mentioned in an earlier blog post that I had not only entered a photo contest but also managed to make it as a finalist!!

After the exciting news that I was actually a finalist, out of the 3000+ people who entered I was totally on cloud 9!! I was so caught up on my cloud I forgot I ordered the book! So just a couple of days ago I finally received the book with my photo in it! YAY!!!!

AHH looks that's my name! This is so very exciting! And as a bonus or some sort of awesome fate my photo is on an even page (222! Ugh I hate off numbers, is that strange?) Also my photograph is in the middle of a page which I find fitting because I always feel a little more comfortable being sandwiched! I am such a silly middle child.

Anywho I just wanted to share my awesome-o news! It really is nice to know people enjoy my photography because, jee-wiz, I just love taking pictures!!

Alrighty it's time for me to beat feet. But wait! one more fun fact...I'm going to ALASKA!!!!!!! Ok I'm outtie, Peace Love and Hula Hoops!!