Sunday, December 27, 2009

i love being an odd duck!

So it's my friend's 21st birthday today. Most people would take this opportunity to focus on the grown up part of this occasion...aka drinking. BUT i'm not most people i am emily and i am a SUPER goob, and so is my friend (YAY)

So my friend ashlei loves animals, rainbows, laughing, and more than anything i think, she is super in love with vampires! twilight, trueblood! sooo i decided at 815 when i woke up that all of these things need to be combined into a most epic cake! hahaha

step one: Mix the cake and then separate into 6 bowls!

step two: add the colors into one pan...making it then actually possible to "taste the rainbow" (once cooked that is!)

step three: DECORATE! i went with a family of vampire ponies eating a lion theme! hahaha

step four: laugh!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

music and snow

The weather this year has been a bit funky, Dec 3rd was 63 degrees here at school and then it's snowed Dec 5! Usually I am a hater of snow but I was pleasantly surprised how happy I was when it snowed the other day and the fact that there is still snow on the ground. one of my favorite parts of winter is the ice on the trees. It is so breathtakingly beautiful so here are a couple pictures from the other day.

These photos were taking outside my house in Amherst a couple of days ago in the morning. There are a couple more on my
flickr. Not much else to say about them expect I can't wait to take a new set of winter photos! In other news I am done with school this week!! So excited for break! Not only do I get to send time with my lovely family but I have also planned a two week trip to Park City Utah to see my friend Hannah.

Because there is only a couple of days left music has really been getting me through all the craziness. So I though I could share some tunes which either calm me down when I feel overwhelmed or pump me up when I need an energy boost

Lisa Mitchell , anything from Glee, and oodles more!!

Alrighty time for homework and studying! Peace. Love. & Hula Hoops

Monday, December 7, 2009

sorry i vanished!

I know one really reads this but hot dang I am bad at updating my blog for my imaginary readers! haha. So yeah, Halloween was fun and because I'm the only one who takes photos there are no pictures of me in my super awesome costume...guess it means I'll have to wear it again hahaha. In November news I sadly missed out on Thanksgiving with my own family (sad news) because my dance team danced at a Celtics game (AWESOME NEWS!) Thanksfully my best friend/captain Micki and her family took me in for the holiday. I had a very good time! Here is a photo of my whole team!

Anywho this is an awful post but I promise to make future ones better!!!

Peace. Love. & Hula Hoops!