Monday, March 30, 2009

Buon Compleanno Aprile Maggio

Today is my older sister April's birthday!! It's very exciting, I think I love birthdays way too much! So in honor of her birthday here are a couple of pictures (sadly they are from a while ago...thanksgiving if we want to be completely accurate).

This is a picture of April with our second and most adorable cousin Alexis!

And here we are in all our sisterly glory. who knows what that is supposed to mean but don't mind me, I am ill and spitting out giberish! lolz. I would love to write more about my extermly talented and amazing sister but I need a nap. But I pretty sure it is common knowledge how proud I am of my sister and what an amazing young woman she is. I hope in five years when I am where she is I will be as strong, talented and over all awesome-o as she is! Love you April!!! Have an amazing day!!!!!!

Love. Peace. & Hoolahoops

Sunday, March 29, 2009

going around doing almost grown up things

This weekend was a little crazy being the first weekend back from Spring Break and all. I can't lie I have been a little behind but only because I have been dreaming about my next big adventure....maybe Cali &/or Utah for my 21????? Who knows??!?!?? lol.

Friday after school and the Gym and I did about a MILLION things, ok ok I did three different things! First I went and saw the Mcdowells!! For those of you who don;t know I babysat for the McDowells when I was in high school. I watched their very newborn Liam from a couple weeks old till he was about a year and a half. Anyway they just moved to Amherst and even more amazing is they live TWO streets down from where I live!!!!!!!!!! Liam is now five and their daughter Matty is two or three. They are both adorable! On top of being the cutest kids I really love their mom! She's is just amazing to be around and I am so glad I get another chance to be able to chat with her on a regular basis.

Here is Matty painting and washing her Dinos. She is a lot like me. She likes to be hands on, she's artistic and she's basically a wild woman! lol. She loves to run around and do what her heart desires even if it may seem wierd, she depands attention and is very sweet.
Liam is the strong silent type. He is soo very smart and defiantly prefers doing things and building things by himself. He is very sweet and is soo differnt from when I last saw him. I can't wait to be able to get to know him again!

After visiting with the McDowells I went out to eat with some of my older friends! Then after that I went with my housemate Zipper to a very small gathering at our friends house. It is there I met Fernando Torez!!!! He was the most well trained puppy I may have ever seen! He played fetch, knew some comands. He was sooo cute!!!!

Well besides that the weekend has been pretty chill. I had dance and a BBQ yesterday and I had dance and homework today. If you were wondering the BBQ was super fun and I had such a blast!!!!!! But back to reality. I have italian homework to do...blehhhhhh no fun.

ps. I updated my flickr!!! Check it out and feel free to leave me comments!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

spring break, what an adventure!

I realize now I was sorta kinda maybe a little vague about Vegas. So, here is a post to better explain my super adventure!

I stayed at the Palms Hotel which was super nice! We were maybe a half mile off the strip so we did a lot of walking! I didn't mind the walk at all because I walk to and from campus everyday (and I mean EVERY day).Plus, it was always super warm out! So yes in the picture I stayed in the Palms Hotel that is on the right the other one is the Playboy Bunny Palms Hotel. If you wanted to know a little too much information I stayed on the 26th floor! hehe.

So I left for Vegas on Friday the 13th with Hannah and we met up with Jake in the airport. Funny fact: we took a limo to our hotel! You may be thinking super expensive but it was actually cheaper than a cab....because we shared it with three strangers.
(^the strip)
Pretty much we just walked around. We went and visited most of the hotels on the strip. Saturday was Jake's birthday and we also met up with my housemate Zipper (Zach) and his California friends.

Jake returned to Utah on Monday and Hannah and I took our epic walk to the Stratosphere! Now I've already mentioned we were kind of off the strip but when we did walk up were in the middle of everything. We were moments away from most of the coolest hotels, so, when Hannah and I decided to visit the Stratosphere we thought nothing of a "little" walk. DAMN that place was far away!! It was worth is though, I took the picture of the strip there. So we walked all the way there and had to walk ALL the way back.

The return was way cooler because we went and saw a free outside show at the Treasure Island Hotel. It was this really cool pirate show called the Sirens of TI. There was dancing, music, a light show, fire, fireworks and a sinking ship! Way neat! And after that we went and say Cirques du Soleil's LOVE. It was amazing and the music was obviously incredible!

Sorry I'm still being so vague but the whole trip is a blerr, there was just so much excitement and long days with exciting nights. Craziness! Oh but one more interesting thing I feel a should comment on is that yes, I did gamble!! And even more interesting I won some dollars!! Well I won 2.25 which isn't bad. I decieded to not cash in my winnings because not only am I not 21 but I thought I would enjoy it more in my journal where I can giggle about my gambeling adventure. In the end the trip is something i could never forget even if I can't remeber what happened on what day! And it also makes me look forward tp future adventures and endevers!

Well it's time for me to get ready for class. Hope everyone enjoys the beautiful spring weather!!!!!!!!!!!

Peace, Love and Hoolahoops!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

No, he can't read my poker face

Ok so as you all know I, little miss Emily May, went to sin city and man was it FUN! Las Vegas is amazing! I think that everyone should go at some point! So let me tell you some interesting facts about Vegas....and by facts I obviously mean Emily May observations.

1) People can smoke EVERYWHERE!! (2) You can also drink everywhere, it is not illegal to have an open container. When Hannah (yes she's 21) would get a drink and we'd want to leave they would give her a to go cup. hahahaha love vegas. (3) tinted windows and rims are on pretty much EVERY car no matter how old and crappy haha. (4) prostitute cards are hillarious and very easy to get ahold of. .....ok enough of this time for pictures!!!

So these are my two WONDERFUL friends that made Vegas so much more than just another trip. On the left is Hannah Banana, my very best friend, who planned then entire trip! She was a fricken riot! She is so fun over contagious energy. On the right we have Jake. Jake goes to school in SLC Utah so it was soo awesome to be able to see him! PLUS it was his birthday while we were in Vegas which added a little something something to our alread fabulous trip! (Don't mind that we all look tired because well...none of got much sleep lol).

So I took this picture the very first night we were in Vegas! The lights of the city are so fun! Actually day time in Vegas was not nearly as fun as night time! Night time, ah, you just get swept up in the moment of the lights, the people, the music and just the over all adventurous exciting atmosphere!

Vegas is like a differnt adventure around every corner...or next hotel. Every building you go into, and sometimes even every room, there is a change of pace.

Above is a picture of the really cool cieling display that lead up to a flower room! This was in the Bellagio. It was sooo pretty and magical looking in real life. They are all flower umbrellas, I really really want one!! The flower room was probably my favorite thing because not only were there flowers, a butterfly room and awesome water things but it was one of the few places no one was allowed to smoke so the air was sooo clean!!! (my poor sensative non-smoker lungs)
So one day Hannah and I decieded to walk to the Stratosphere which is a really tall hotel with a 360 looking room that is pretty high up (I can't remeber just how high..opps). Anywho, this is a picture of Vegas, not the famous strip part but just Vegas. You can;t really tell from this picture but the mountains were unbeliveably gorgeous!!!! My heart was definitely stolen!
Well it is getting late and I should be doing homework so I will leave you all with this photo that I took of me and Hannah. I have a million more photos which I will posting on flickr, I promise and make a link as soon as I get them all loaded onto that. But I have to end by saying this was one of the most amazing experiences of my life! Traveling is such a freeing feeling and I wish I had the financial stability and time to be able to do it ALL of the time. Even know I am planning my next adventure...look out wold because here I come!!!

Wait! Totally lied, I have to quick share this one last picture that actually is not part of my Vegas trip but of my second surprise trip to Worcester for my friend Micki's 21st birthday....which again I promise to share more later. But the picture below was my super stellar outfit that I wore to a Euro-trash party. I felt like a million dollars in the outfit!! What does everybody think?

Peace, love, hope and GOODNIGHT! <3 (ps i hate spell checking so don't mind my always quirky spelling hahahahaha)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Next Stop Vegas Please...

So tomorrow is the day! This little May is off to Sin City! hahahaha. I'm very excited and have discovered I'm actuallu bumping into a lot of people while I'm there!! I'll be seeing my housemate Zipper (real name Zach) and his girlfriend and some of his friends from Cali. I will also be running into my good friend SnakeV (real name Jake) who goes to school in Utah, Garett and some of their friends. I know I am going to have a blast because one. I'm going with my BEST friend Hannah Banana two. I'm seeing soo many awesome people and three. IT'S VEGAS!!!!!!

Ok now that I'm done with that little brag session time to get to the real post! So the other day I was feeling a little anxious and frustrated so what better way to deal than by ripping up paper!! haha. Anywho it actually helped a lot and then afterword I was inspired to take pictures!!

After taking a couple of pictures I got my roommate to put some of the pieces together to make goofy things with me...

This one is mine. I went for a "doesn't make sense" look

Zipper and I kind of worked on this one together. he made the boarder

This one is Zips.

it was a really fun little game and it made me feel a million times better!! So I recommend when you are feeling a little stressed to rip up a magazine page and the rearrange it to your hearts desire! Well, back to packing for my trip, YAY!! I hope everyone has a splended week and I also hope to have som good photos for you when I get back!!! Peace out gangstas!!! lolz

Monday, March 9, 2009

family fun

So this weekend my family came up to visit me! and I don't just mean mom and dad, April and Max came to see me too!! It was so nice to see everyone and to be all together like the old days, well the old days plus Eric and his brother Will (they only hung out for a little bit though but it was still nice to see them!) Sooo here are some photos from their visit!! Sadly this was not one of my best photography days BUT life happens lol....

This is Will, Eric's little brother who also goes to UMass. He is making this face because, well, it's funny! Will is really fun just like his brothers (there is another one). Will and Max are kind of similar because they are very quick witted!

This is Eric, April's boyfriend. So the face is because I was playing the game, which a lot of people don't get. Ok, so the game is where the photograper (me) gives a quirky scenerio and the subject (eric) has to give me a reaction! The game is sooo fun because people give some great looks!!! I sadly can't remeber what I said to Eric but the face is great lol!

This is a picture of my lovely mother! She is one of the people that just makes you smile because she's so wonderful! My mom is also one of those people who gets camera nervous so I always have to make her look up and way and usually say something ridiculous like "imagine if a fairy just farted on you". Ok, maybe not that lame but along the same lines.

This is Max May! The goofest little May ever! Oh jeez I can't even say little anymore because the boys is a fricken giant!! (well for a May he is rather tall...taller than me and April). Max is histarical because he's very quite but when he does decieded to speak up it's usually to say something witty.

This is my pop, he is very wise! Actually I took this picture while he was talking real life with my sister! He always has advice and really tries to help us find our own way. It was really nice to see him.

April!!! So I had such a nice visit with April! I got to speand some quality time with her after everyone left. We played a mini game of dress up aka sunglasses and scarves. It was really fun and I really do love getting to spend time with her! We were giggiling lik fools and just having a blast taking pictures!

Well I guess that about sums is up! I had such a great time seeing my family and I love the all soo much!!! Alright kids I'm off hopefully you have enjoyed my corny sentimental post!


Thursday, March 5, 2009

it's the final count down!

hahaha my title just tickles me! Ok so things to count down too.

1) my friends emily will be her in one day
2) my family will be here in two days
3) i go home in 6 days
4) i go to VEGAS in 9 days!!!!!
5) micki's birthday 18 days!
(this count down could go on but i'll save the things further away for a rainy day)

so s for that adorable family of mine...

So I took this picture in the summer of '08. I'm very proud of this picture because everyone is smiling and looks good which is a hard thing to capture in my family because we're all goof-balls!!! My dad, mom and sister all have their own blogs! We are blog-aholics!!!! Well pretty much I'm very excited to see them but right now I have to take some midterms...gross!! Ok hope everyone enjoys this picture of the "aMAYzing Mays!! (me in a bucket lol)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Steph Bose and Sunsets

YAY "snail" MAIL!!! Last night I got the greatest surprise ever...mail from my darling Steph Bose who is off in DC having the time of her life and helping out the community! Obviously the letter is for my eyes only but if you were wondering yes it was very sweet and I miss her oddles!! But I am very excited because I have planned a visit to see Gangsta Bose!!! (my nickname for her because she will be the first ever rappin lady president of the united states of america!!! lol)
So today when I was walking home from school the sky was just to die for!!! So pretty! It actually amazes me how many people just walk around never noticing the beautiful world around them! Anywho I walked into the graveyard and got a couple few good shots but this one was my favorite!!
Here are a couple more I enjoyed! Oh how I love sunshine!! and I love trees! Ah spring is going to be soooo good!!! I hope everyone is as excited as I am!! ooo other fun fact only 10 day till I leave for VEGAS!! I'm off toodles poodles!

Monday, March 2, 2009

baby it's cold outside

SNOW DAY!!! Even at 2o years of age I still enjoy a good snow day. So with no school I'm taking it way easy BUT I kind of don't know what to do with myself. I will probably end up watching movies and taking a nap (notice no mention of all the homework I could be getting done! hahaha)

So the picture above is a picture I took at 9 this morning while helping one of my housemates shovel. I know I know, I took almost the same picture a couple of days ago but this one has SNOW!! lolz

THis picture is of me being really lame and proving that YES I will be wasting my day away with movies hahahaha (YAY snow day!!) OK I'm off to make lunch then start the movie marathon with zippity-do (one of my other housemates). Hope everyone enjoys the snow and lets all hope that it melts by tomorrow because I want SPRING!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009


When I'm bored there is nothing, and I mean NOTHING, better than doodling!!! I have long breaks in between my classes so I spend lots of time doodling. These are some of my recent doodles. (this top on reminds me of our friend Viola because she loves skulls)

So where does my inspiration come from you might ask. Well let me tell you... I get inspired by a little bit of everything. Songs, movies, my mood, TV shows, the inter web, quotes, strangers and robots....i love robots and monsters!!! I don't mean like thse terrible robots and monsters that scare people but the cute ones like ugly dolls!
This last one is really how I'm feeling right now! I'm soo bored and I'm having trouble focusing on my homework but that's life. Well I need to go and at least pretend to do work. I think my mind has been so distracted because in 12 day I will be on my way to Vegas!!! As much as a dream od traveling I haven't done much of it so this is a very exciting!!!! Hopefully I'll have many pictures and stories to share with everyone!! ok for realizies I'm off.