Thursday, October 29, 2009


HALLOWEEN is in TWO days!!!Crazy insane! I am just too excited for this Halloween but it could be because I am super in LOVE with my costume!! So are you wondering what I'm going to be? Well, keep guessing because I'm not telling you!....just yet. haha

MONSTER!!!!! This is a picture of an ugly doll. I think they are super cute and not ugly at all! Well anywho I thought this photo went along with the Halloween theme. Alright It's time to tell you who I'm being because I just can't keep it a secret for a second longer! I am being Rachel Berry from the tv show Glee no joke this is my FAVORITE show...EVER! It involves singing, dancing, and lots of laughs! The talent on this show is flippin amazing insane. Anyway I'm going as Rachel Berry, one of the main characters who has an incredible voice. I decided to be her because now I get to be a dork all night and sing my little heart she's Jewish like me! hahaha! I also like this costume idea because it's cute and fun, I pretty much knew I was going as her the day after I saw the second show! Plus there is a definite lack in cool brunettes to pretend to be on Halloween, so I am oober pumped that my dark brown hair is perfect for this get up! ok I'm off people!

Peac. Love. & Hula Hoops

ps I'm also going to a say anything concert this friday! this weekend is so jam packed of magical goodness!!!

Monday, October 19, 2009


The last couple of days have been very stressful. So, I have turned to my photos for pictures that remind me of relaxing places. It may sound odd but I find cemeteries very relaxing and beautiful. Here are a couple of photos from a cemetery...

The one of the stone woman is my favorite. All of them remind me how peaceful everything can be. I do not find cemeteries very sad, they are place to remember. Anyway I have to finish my homework, this post was mostly for me to blow off some steam.

peace. love. & hula hoops.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

three day weekend = yummy treats

This past weekend was a long weekend due to Christopher Columbus day, usually I'd say "THANKS CHRIS" but in reality we all know he sucks. Most people went home for the long weekend but i stuck around and hung out with my best friend Micki!

Friday after a horrible stressful week we rented three movies and made brownie sundaes (side note the movie rental place is the COOLEST PLACE EVER!)! We rented Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, Taken and I Love You Man. Taken was AWESOME!

So here is a photo of Micki's sundae because it looked far more professional than mine...which looked like a 5yr old made it hahaha. Also do not worry folks whip cream was added to this sundae after the photo!! Anyway it was a great night and much needed after the week we had both had!

The next day we hit up the mall and Halloween store for some shopping. It was very fun and we tried on some hilarious outfits and shoes while shopping...good time had by all! Then we met up later (wore some of our new clothes!) and went to the House of Teriyaki! It was super awesome and the food was so delicious!

I got salmon sushi platter! It was super fabulous and came with salad and soup! Micki got a chicken dish with rice that was equally delightful! We also made sure we used chopsticks! haha! Then we went out and got a drink and pretty much just went out on the town and felt very grown up! The next morning we made ourselves a nice breakfast which included BACON! I love bacon I think is it soo yummy!! Look how pretty it is!!

Then our last food adventure was nachos!!! Micki made this super secret super AWESOME nachos and we watched Beerfest, a movie my sister would say is an example of she doesn't know how we're related hahaha. I will admit I do like some awful movies haha!!

And yesterday for my day off from school I did homework and went to a corn maze with my friend Jeff! It was super fun and neither of us had ever been to the corn maze around here...we also sunk out of the maze and visited this super cool grave yard...which sounds creepier than it is! over all it was a FABULOUS weekend and I'm so happy about all the food I ate and mini adventures I went on!!

Peace Love and Hula Hoops!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

its the final countdown

Ok lies, this is not the final countdown...BUT this is still a countdown to my absolute favoritist
holiday EVER!!! (yes I know favoritist is not a real word) That holiday happens to HALLOWEEN!!!! I mean how could you not love it!? Here are a list of things that makes it SUPREME
1) you get to dress up 2) eat candy 3) carve pumpkins 4) watch scary movies 5)haunted houses 6)awesome parties 7)looking at other peoples cool costumes and sooo much more!!

So you may be wondering where the count down stands....24 days! Well I don't want everyone to know who I am going to be just yet (even though I've already told a number of people because I'm oober excited about it!!). So I decided to share some past Halloween costumes I've worn.

This is me two years ago as the famous Betty Boop! Growing up I always love Betty Boop cartoons! I absolutely loved this costume but sadly only about five people knew who I was and only a handful more knew who I was talking about when I had to tell them.People my age are a bunch of nit-wits jeez! haha

This is me last Halloween. Those of you who know me well know I love love LOVE the 80s!! So I went as an 80s pop star!! This was a super fun costume and on the plus side everyone knew what I was!

Anywho I'm off to dance but I'm super excited for Halloween! What is everyone else being??

peace. love. and hula hoops!