Friday, July 31, 2009

wow i've gotten bad at this

With three jobs I am finding it very hard to find time to bliggity-blog. But now that I have a few moments to spare I will give it a try...

Here are three photos from the fourth of July. I love the fourth in North Adams because the firework show is wonderful. Now for those of you have been to the NA fireworks might think I'm a crazy but seriously believe it is awesome! We live in a valley so when they set off the fireworks there is an amazing echo!! Well besides the echo I really do enjoy the lights. Well I'm off to work enjoy the photos!

I tried to pick three photos that were different and I hope you enjoy them! For more pictures of mine you can always check out my flickr! Peace Love and HulaHoops

ps My photo was in BOOK! I promise that at some point I will explain more and have photos!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

it's been awhile

wow it's been awhile. since i last posted a couple things have happened. number one i turned 21!

(my birthday dinner party [left to right and back to front] andrew, zack, trevor, jake, hannah, me and ashlei)

(me at my birthday party with my friends [left to right] amanda, hannah, molly, amanda s, me, ashley and elle)
my birthday was awesome! filled with friends, giggles and awesome 90's nickelodeon fun!!! ALSO i had a baby dino playing a toy piano ice cream cake (which was gluten free i might add!!!)

(my dino cake!!!!)

hmm what else oh yes DINSEY WORLD!!!!!! jealous? dinsey was oober fun! my friend micki and her mom lynn brought me. they were the BEST tour guides ever! it was an amazing experience. i hope to go back again and think everyone should give dinsey a try because it really is magical.

(picture above the castle at magic kingdom during "extra magica hours" sooo magical!)
so i don't make this post too long i promise to talk about both these things at a later date and in differnt posts. later gators and as always peace love and hula hoops!