Thursday, September 16, 2010

Summer Time! (part 2)

As promised more photos from summer! What I loved about summer...

playing dress up at thrift stores!

Beer Festival with the boys (Trevor and Ben)

Beautiful VT sunsets!

80's night with my best friends

The ride home from work

The people I work with (My boss Dede and Anthony!)

Making my own art at the museum with my mom

Wilco coming to North Adams!

Working the Solid Sound Festival (Wilco) with some fly chicks!

Watching Wilco rock the socks off Mass MoCA!

And of course I loved taking many embarrassing photos of some of my favorite people!

I could show you hundreds of photos but that would take far too long and I've taken many new photos I'd rather share haha. But there are some more photos of my summer up on my flickr if you want to check out some more photos! Anywho Peace. Love. & Hula Hoops!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

An entire summer recap! (part 1)

At the rate I write in this thing it's amazing I even post this at all hahaha. Anywho in true colormekatie fashion here are some photos of my favorite moments of summer (yes that means May-August! Yikes it's been a long long time!)

Well here it goes, the moments of summer I loved involved....

cool knuckle tats with friends!
singing with my friend Trevor

Birthday Mustaches! (Steph and me)

Unique ways of showing some birthday love! haha

For real I loved the birthday mustaches!
Riding in a bike gang for charity

Hanging out with Hannah Banana

and more fireworks!!!!!!!
Drawing in the air with sparklers

Fake wedding photos/ Micki's graduation party!

Well that's it for now but part two will be coming sooner than later! Peace. Love. & Hula Hoops!