Monday, January 11, 2010

Utah Preview

On Dec 30 I left for my grand Utah adventure! Why Utah? Well my best friend recently moved here so I decided to come have a look! She lives in Park City which is pretty much a city built around a ski resort haha. It's very lovely and I've been having a lot of fun!

Most of my days consist of me walking around by myself taking pictures and reading my book because Hannah (my friend) has to work pretty much everyday. I don't mind because the area is just lovely and I love just walking around making my own little discoveries. But I'm telling too much because this is supposed to just be a preview of my adventure because I'm actually still here! I won't be returning home till the 13!

Here is a photo I took at Sundance! It was so lovely up there! It was a little rainy that day but I feel it only enhanced the surroundings. One observation while being here are the natural colors are mostly blue so when the rain came it brought this beautiful baby blue fog...amazing!

Anywho I thought I should post something of my adventure because two important events in the past 48 hours have made my truely appreciate life and the fact that I take these adventures. A kid I went to high school with and whom I also considered a friend died yesterday. He was one of those kids you never saw without a smile. He was truly an amazing person and it is so hard and unbelievable to think I will never see him again. The second and more joyful is today is Hannah's 22nd birthday and I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to celebrate her life with her in a new place. It's times like these that we young people really get a taste of reality and if nothing more it inspires me to follow my heart and desires. And like Sean I plan to wear my smile often.

Here is a picture from Solider Hill. It is a picture of a sunset I took a couple of days ago, a picture that I would like to dedicate to Sean Williams who died January 10, 2010.