Wednesday, December 8, 2010

College In Photo Form

So I have 2 days left of classes and another 9 days leave Amherst and Umass! ( only took my an extra semester haha.) As much as I am always complaining about how much how hate college, I really don't! I've had such a blast and have met some many wonderful people who I will never ever forget. Here are some photos of my past 4.5yrs here at UMass Amherst.

(Above) Freshman Yr. with Zipper, Ryan, Kristen, & 2 strangers

Me and Bolty being silly (Freshman Yr)

Jessie and I dressed up at our friend Patrick (Freshman Yr)

Emily, Bose, and I rocking homemade "I <3>

Erin, Micki, Celina, and Me! (Sophomore Yr)

Micki and I (Sophomore Yr)

Kevin and I (Sophomore Yr)

Stage Crew Dance Team (Junior Yr)

Lily, Erin, Anastasia, Micki, & Me! (Junior Yr)

Me & Zipper (Junior Yr)

Caroline, Micki, Me, & Minna (Senior Yr part 1)

Stage Crew (Senior Yr part 1)

Stage Crew (including myself) Dancing at Celtics (Senior Yr part 1)

College Prom with Shere, Caroline, & Micki (Senior Yr part 1)

Stage Crew Team Night! (Senior Year Part 2)

So yeah, that's college so far! But I till have 12 days left so hopefully I will have a ton more memorable photos to share with ya'll sooner than later!
Peace. Love. & Hula Hoops!