Sunday, September 12, 2010

An entire summer recap! (part 1)

At the rate I write in this thing it's amazing I even post this at all hahaha. Anywho in true colormekatie fashion here are some photos of my favorite moments of summer (yes that means May-August! Yikes it's been a long long time!)

Well here it goes, the moments of summer I loved involved....

cool knuckle tats with friends!
singing with my friend Trevor

Birthday Mustaches! (Steph and me)

Unique ways of showing some birthday love! haha

For real I loved the birthday mustaches!
Riding in a bike gang for charity

Hanging out with Hannah Banana

and more fireworks!!!!!!!
Drawing in the air with sparklers

Fake wedding photos/ Micki's graduation party!

Well that's it for now but part two will be coming sooner than later! Peace. Love. & Hula Hoops!

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