Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Prom Season

So I was creepy-mc-creepin blogs today and saw not one but TWO prom themed posts and wanted to hop on this! The first blog was my dear sisters (Everything Little Miss)! The other one was Carrots 'n' Cake. Everyone looks so pretty especially my sister but then again she is a betty! So here are my prom photos...

My freshman years of high school I went to prom!
I loved this dress and wore it to a dance every year of high school!
Thank goodness I went to dances at other schools haha

This is a photo of my sister doing my make up for my senior prom

My mom and I made my dress! The back was my favorite part!

The tall guy on the right is one of my best friends and was my date to the prom.

This is a photo from college prom which happened just this past weekend!
My friend looks like a goob but I like the photo anyway!

Peace love and hula hoops ( YAY PROM)


  1. hey! i totally mentioned i copied hahahaha. plus it's a sign of flattery hahaha