Friday, September 4, 2009


(Views from out my car window....awesome right!?!?!?!?!)

I went to Alaska folks and hot dang it was one of the coolest experiences in my life!! so here is the tale of Alaska but I warn you know this will be kind of a long!!!

My best friend (Hannah Banana) and I decided to visit Alaska, not only had neither one of us been to Alaska before but Hannah's Uncle and Aunt offered us place to stay, good company and a car to bomb around in! So it was off to Alaska with us! On August 22 we left MA, three flights and 14 hours later we were in Anchorage AK!!!! We stayed with Hannah's Uncle Peter and Aunt Pam and on the first day in Anchorage we actually left and went to Big Lake to stay in their lake house, where Banana and I went JET SKIING!!!!!!!!

(Above Talkeetna downtown area. Below Seward port)

I also went to Talkeetna (North of Anchorage), Seward and Portage (both South of Anchorage). I also went and saw not one but TWO glaciers!!! one I saw from across a massive lake (Portage Glacier) and the other was Exit Glacier which we walked pretty close too! We went to the Alaska Native Heritage Center in Anchorage and the Alaska Sea Life Center in Seward. We also went to the Alaska State Fair twice because it was sooo much fun!!!!!!!!

(Exit Glacier)
(Hannah and her Uncle Peter at SteelFab)

We did lots of other things like visited Hannah's uncle's work (SteelFab) pan for gold, visit downtown Anchorage, took hikes, went to the zoo, saw reindeer, ate reindeer went on a hand tram and even bar hopped! There is so much more to tell but those stories are best told in person. Alaska was an amazing trip and I truly hope I go back again sometime soon because I just LOVED it there<3!!! It was absolutely beautiful and Hannah's family was soo fun and nice, I loved being able to hang out and spend time with them!!!

The whole Macksey Gang. From the Left...Peter, Pam, Hannah and Rylan!!!! YAY ADVENTURE IN ALASKA!!! I guess it's time to plan my next adventure!!!!!!!!! later kids!!

Peace Love and Hula Hoops<3


  1. i wish i heard more before you left for school, but at least i got a glimpse (funny word-glimpse) of it here.

    i hope to see more and hear more soon.

    i love that you love your adventures...a lot like me i would say.

    love dad

  2. thanks guys! yeah it was a most fabulous adventure!!